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2023 Stormwater Management Plan ~ draft posted for review

The City of Cumberland in conjunction with the Beaver Dam Lake Management District have updated the 2023 Stormwater Management Plan. Public review and commentary to begin Wednesday February 8th.

The City of Cumberland and the Beaver Dam Lake Management District are collaborative

managers of their community’s shared water resources. Lakes surround the ‘Island City’ and

provide the economic engine of this tight-knit community as well as a cultural foundation for

residents and seasonal visitors. In the interest of the health of Beaver Dam Lake and its bays

(Cemetery Bay, Norwegian Bay, Rabbit Island Bay and Library Lake), Collingwood Lake, the

Hay River and adjacent waterbodies, the city of Cumberland has authorized this update to the

Stormwater Management Plan which was originally completed in December of 2010. The past

decade has been a very busy time in the history of Cumberland’s water resources. Multiple water

quality projects were implemented around Library Lake in downtown Cumberland and

throughout the city, and more remain in the planning stages. This plan will document the

tremendous work to date and chart a path for the next ten years of stormwater management in the

City of Cumberland.

DRAFT_Stormwater Management Plan_2023
Download PDF • 14.20MB

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