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2022 Eurasian Watermilfoil (EWM) Management Program, Monitoring Programs, and Survey of Navigation Channels

April 12, 2022

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Notice of Application for Aquatic Plant Management Permit

April 11, 2022

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Lake Restoration, Inc. intends to apply for a permit from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources to treat up to 30 acres of Beaver Dam Lake with aquatic herbicides to control aquatic plants. The proposed treatment would occur between April 15, 2022 and September 1, 2022. Lake Restoration, Inc. will conduct a public informational meeting on the proposed treatment if five or more individuals, organizations, special units of government, or local units of government request one. The meeting would give citizens a chance to learn more about the proposed treatment from the permit applicant. Lake Restoration is not required to, but may, change the proposed treatment based on information provided by citizens attending the meeting. Any request for a public meeting on the proposed treatment must be made within five days after this notice is published. The request must specify the topics to be discussed at the meeting, including problems and alternatives, and must be sent in writing to Lake Restoration, Inc., 12425 Ironwood Circle, Rogers, MN 55374, and the Department of Natural Resources, 810 West Maple Street, Spooner, WI 54801. This notice is required by Chapter NR 107, Wisconsin Administrative Code.

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Aquatic Plant Management Plan (APMP) Update

March 6, 2021

The Draft 2021 Aquatic Plant Management Plan is available for public review and comment. Responses can be submitted until April 6, 2021, directed to Tom Schroeder. At the April 8, 2021 Board Meeting, to be held at the Cumberland City Hall, there will be an opportunity for open public comment at 7 PM.

The APMP draft can be found here

Beaver Dam Lake Outlet Construction

April 11, 2017

The outlet regulating the water levels of Beaver Dam will be reconstructed this spring. Barron County assumed ownership of the structure in 2010 and has been working towards a goal of reconstruction for 4 years. The current gate was installed in 1976 and was designed with water level sensors that would automatically adjust the water levels as needed. However debris and the occasional lightning strike necessitated frequent manual operation. Without the automatic operation, it required frequent visits to regulate the opening that passes under Hwy P on the south end of Cemetery Bay.


Barron County hired Ayres Associates of Eau Claire to design a new outlet with two main goals in mind, durability and minimal operation required to maintain normal levels. The new concrete structure utilizing a weir design will be built onto the existing box culvert that has passed under Hwy P since the early 1940’s. The major factor determining how much water will pass over a dam is the length of the weir. The longer the weir, the more water can pass over it. Currently the opening is 8 feet wide, so frequent opening and closing of the gate was needed to regulate the level. The new structure will have two 7 foot long weir slots on either side of the new structure and an additional 3 foot stop log assembly on the end for a total of 17 feet of weir. This will allow for much more water to be passed automatically by the simple rising of the water level, minimizing the need for operation to maintain the level as has been the goal.  

Bids for the new structure were let this winter and Jahnke Construction of Athens Wisconsin was awarded the contract for a total of $160,000.


Construction is planned to start on April 17 with it estimated to take four weeks to complete. There is no drawdown of the lake planned. A coffer dam will be placed upstream of the project and flows will be passed through the box culvert as needed with a pump.    

If you have any questions please contact Tyler Gruetzmacher, Barron County Dam Coordinator at 715-537-6246 or