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Special Projects

Library Lake ~ Lake Restoration and Management Plan

Library Lake ~ General Description
Library Lake is a 12.8-acre lake located in the City of Cumberland (T35N R13W S7) in Northwest Wisconsin (WBIC 2081500). A map of the project area is shown in Figure 1. Library Lake is connected to Beaver Dam Lake by a box culvert under Grove Street. Aquatic plants cover nearly the entire lake bottom with emergent plants along the shoreline and in shallow water; floating plants at moderate depths; and submerged vegetation in the deepest water. The maximum lake depth is approximately 20.5 feet at normal water levels.

The lake is entirely surrounded by urban development with Highway 63 on its south side, homes on the west and north side, and parking lots and businesses on the east. The east parking area is a major connection to downtown Cumberland serving the newly remodeled public library, taverns and restaurants, retail establishments, and the Department of Natural Resources (DNR) offices.

Library Lake Project Committee
The Beaver Dam Lake Management District (BDLMD) formed the Library Lake Committee to support the restoration of Library Lake in September 2007. The Library Lake Committee was responsible for charting goals for Library Lake and reviewing and approving the Library
Lake Management Plan. Click here to review the approved plan.

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